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Common Issues

1. Database Dirty Flag Set Error

The Database dirty flag set (likely due to unclean shutdown): replay required error occurs when you do not stop nodeos gracefully. If you get this error, your only recourse is to replay by starting nodeos with --replay-blockchain. To stop nodeos gracefully, send a SIGTERM, SIGQUIT or SIGINT then wait for the process to shutdown.

2. Memory Does Not Match Data Error

If you get an error such as St9exception: content of memory does not match data expected by executable when nodeos starts, try to restart nodeos with one of the following options (you can use nodeos --help to get the full list of options).

Command Line Options for eosio::chain_plugin:

--force-all-checksdo not skip any checks that can be skipped while replaying irreversible blocks
--replay-blockchainclear chain state database and replay all blocks
--hard-replay-blockchainclear chain state database, recover as many blocks as possible from the blocks log, and then replay those blocks
--delete-all-blocksclear chain state database and blocks log

3. Could Not Grow Database Error

To solve the Could not grow database file to requested size error, start nodeos with --shared-memory-size-mb 1024 option. A 1 GB shared memory file allows approximately half a million transactions.

4. 3070000: WASM Exception Error

If you get an error such as Publishing contract... Error 3070000: WASM Exception Error Details: env.set_proposed_producers_ex unresolveable when you try to deploy eosio.bios contract or eosio.system contract in an attempt to boot an EOS blockchain (locally or testnet), you must activate the PREACTIVATE_FEATURE protocol first.