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cdt-ld - Antelope smart contract WebAssembly linker


cdt-ld [options] <input file>


cdt-ld Is a compiled smart contract linker which creates WebAssemply code for execution in Antelope block chain virtual machines.



Add directory to library search path


Which ABI version to generate


Allows name section to be created


Assemble file for x86-64


Compile and link for x86-64


Disable CFL Alias Analysis


Disable LTO


Don't run post processing pass


Don't set the stack first in memory


Produce binaries for wasmql


Produce binaries for wasmql


Produce binaries for wasmql


Use main as entry


Display available options (--help-hidden for more)


Root name of library to link


LTO Optimization level (O0-O3)


Pass arguments to llvm


Disable ABI file generation


Disable warnings for missing Ricardian clauses


Write output to <file>


Make shared object native library


Stack canary for non stack first layouts


Specifies the maximum stack size for the contract. Defaults to 8192 bytes


Display the version of this program


Please submit bug reports online at


For more details consult the full documentation and sources