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CDT (Contract Development Toolkit)

Contract Development Toolkit (CDT) is a C/C++ toolchain targeting WebAssembly (WASM) and a set of tools to facilitate development of smart contracts written in C/C++ that are meant to be deployed to an Antelope blockchain.

In addition to being a general purpose WebAssembly toolchain, specific features and optimizations are available to support building Antelope-based smart contracts. This new toolchain is built around Clang 9, which means that CDT inherits the optimizations and analyses from that version of LLVM, but as the WASM target is still considered experimental, some optimizations are incomplete or not available.


If you are upgrading to CDT version 3.0 or later from version 1.8.1 (or earlier) of EOSIO.CDT, then please read EOSIO.CDT to CDT.