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How to prepare new DUNE release?

How to generate a package on Windows?

  1. Edit packaging\antelopeio-dune\antelopeio-dune.nuspec and edit the current version in XML tag version
  2. If you do not have yet Chocolatey installed open Windows console as administrator. Otherwise you can open Windows console as a regular user.
  3. Go to packaging directory and run generate_chocolatey.bat (if you run it for the first time then Chocolatey will be installed)
  4. *.nupkg file will be created in your current directory

How to prepare new DUNE docker image?

  1. Make sure you are logged in with docker login, example command: docker login -u <your_username> --password-stdin
  2. Change version in packaging/
  3. Run ./ in your DUNE directory
  4. Change below X.Y.Z to your version and in DUNE directory run:
docker tag dune
docker push
docker tag dune
docker push